Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Up Time AGAIN!

I just can't seem to keep up to date with this blog thing. It seems I get involved with a project, then I don't take the time to sit down & type. Well, it's time to pay the piper!
Last Saturday (Sept. 20th) we spent all day (8am - 5pm) at the NAS Oceana Air Show. It was windy & overcast which in some ways was nice. We didn't get to see any of the parachute jumpers, but it was nice watching the air show as you didn't have to squint into the sun all day. We met our friends from Warren (Chuck & Denise) at their hotel with their daughter & family for drinks on Fri. night, then met them at the air show on Sat. We all had a good time. The following are pictures from the air show.

Chuck, Denise & Family

Aerobatic Plane
Jets that fly over Campground all the time
Got a good picture finally, at the air show
Simulated attack during a fly over
Aerobatic flying of a glider plane
The glider being pushed across tarmac with pilot on right in white with blue hat

US Navy Raptor Jet

US Navy Blue Angel's Jet #6 (I think the pilot was from Lapeer, MI if I heard right. I may be wrong)

Video of Blue Angel's - At 500mph it was hard to get a picture with my camera on just digital, so I took a short video.

The Sound of Freedom is alive and well in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA area! It's amazing how quickly you get used to hearing them fly over the tree tops at the campground. It is truly a great sound. A sound I am proud to endure!!

On Sunday afternoon I began the project of washing the outside of the trailer. Monday I worked all day at it. Of course, I spent most of the evening both days with the rice bag on my neck, back and feet (from standing on the step ladder). I used my vibrating neck pillow (thank you Mary!!). It has been a Godsend. I truly was amazed at how much better I felt the next day after using both of these. I finished on Tues. afternoon around 5pm. Bill said since I had worked so hard, he would take me out for supper! Good news to my ears! We ate at the Purple Cow. Different place, diner type restaurant. My food was great, but I had to bring 1/2 of it home. Too full to eat it all.

Tuesday morning I went to Weight Watchers! It was a day to celebrate!!! I am FINALLY back to my Lifetime Goal weight. I still have to make sure I pay attention to what I'm doing, get down a couple more pounds for a safety net & keep exercising. It's a great feeling to get back there again, but it was the hardest 10 pounds I ever had to loose.

Tuesday after my meeting, I went to see my great niece, Traci. Stopped at her boyfriend's place of business to surprise him & have him give me directions to the house. W.W. is almost across the street from the road that takes you to their home. We spent about an hour or so chatting & catching up. She has a tremendous weight training room that she invited me to come & exercise in with her. Might take her up on it one of these days!

Wednesday we spent relaxing again & making sure everything was picked up outside & put away before the next storm hit. We went to the beach to check on the progress of the Neptune Festival Sand Sculptor's. The wind was so bad the sand was blowing in our faces & our eyes. We stayed long enough to see the struggle they were having trying to get work done on each of their projects. I didn't take my camera with me.

This morning (Thursday, the 25th) we were without electricity from sometime around 5am or so until 11am. We sat & played cards, listened & watched the wind & the rain. Lots of small branches & leaves down, but nothing major in the park that we could see. Around 5:15pm we went down to the beach again. The rain had let up off & on & Bill wanted to see the progress again & see the high tides. This time I took my camera. Wow, those waves looked amazing. Pretty threatening to me! Glad I wasn't in a ship. I would have been hanging over the side or my head in the head, if you know what I mean!

Here are some of the pictures we took today:

Looking toward the fishing pier - An angry looking ocean!The size of waves as compared to little girl & her dad

An innovative skateboarder with a tarpThe Foolish Man's House

The Foolish Man's House - Sculptor using a feather duster

Diligent workers fighting the wind & rain

Firefighter from NJ working on his project

Trying to protect his sculpture from the elements

I think these are the fingertips of praying hands - Sculptor from Italy

Well, that about wraps up our past few days. I will post some pictures of the finished projects from this weekend (hopefully the weather improves enough for the Neptune Festival to go on). On Sunday, Bill & I will be cruising on the Spirit of Norfolk for our 40th Anniversary. We did this in celebration of our 25th. Gosh, 15 years ago!!!! Hard to believe!

Until next time.........The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day of Waiting; Day at the Beach

After having a couple days of cloudy days & some sprinkles/rain, I think we might be back to the nicer weather, just a little cooler. Of course, the natives love it!

Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first, then I will tell you about our days.

Bill's sister, Carolyn, had her open heart surgery this morning. We got the call this afternoon a little after 3 that she had 4 bypasses done & everything went very well. The surgeon sounded very optimistic according to her daughter, Brenda. We were very relieved! I thank all of you for your prayers & your support. It means a lot to have a feeling of being uplifted. And we all know, in Aaron's words, God Is Awesome! Continue those prayers for the next few days as we all know, the next 3 days are the most critical. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Latest update at 9:30pm --- Carolyn has the ventilator off! GREAT NEWS!
Yesterday we spent hanging out around the trailer. Mark came over in the afternoon & installed our new part for the fireplace. We now have a working fireplace again. No more noisy fan or non-operable fan. He picked up Samuel from school before coming so we got to see the little guy too. Mark was dead tired on his feet. Tues. was a pinning ceremony for Chiefs. He had to attend the ceremony besides being up until 5am that morning doing the initiation stuff. Crazy traditions!

These were pictures I took while hanging out at the trailer. Those darn jets go so fast you can never get a good picture. Maybe this weekend when we go to the Oceana Air Show I'll get some good ones.

Prickly Pear Cactus at Holiday-Trav-L-Park parking lot at the beach. Cactus no matter where we go!!!


Today to keep us busy from dwelling on Carolyn's surgery, we walked the beach and met Mark for lunch at.............OK TOM & PHYLLIS..............ARE YOU READY FOR THIS>>>>>Murphy's, A Grand Irish Pub & Restaurant. It was very good. The food was great & not really that expensive considering it is one block back from the beach. Now Bill & I want to go back some evening to see what the entertainment is like. If you come & meet us we will take you Tom, along with your bride!!


Mark inside pub - badges all over walls

Mark's next ship insigniaBadges of fire departments & police departments from all over the country

After eating we walked the 20 blocks back to our truck. It's nice to walk the boardwalk or past the stores & never go into buy anything. Sales, sales, sales. But still more than I want to pay and every store is the same. I love the "where are you from, want a vacation package for.....". We got on-line & bought our tickets for our Anniversary Cruise for the end of the month & saved 30%. The price online was already less than what they were offering! What a bunch of scammers.

Walking along the beach & the scuptures & sights:

Fishing Pier at Virginia Beach, VA

School of fish sculptures

Artist at Work

Old Coast Guard Station

Band Shell getting ready for music on boardwalk

King Neptune Sculpture looking down boardwalk

Ship at sea

Virginia Beach Naval Aviation Monument - Very Impressive

It Began Here
Pilots Man Your Planes
The Team

Welcome Home

Our legs were really tired by the time we got back from the beach. So we just sat & relaxed the rest of the day. I finished my book & played a few games of solitaire. Since I didn't finish all my lunch, I had that for supper. That open faced Reuben Sandwich was delicious though. Would have tasted better if I hadn't had to warm it up though. Never as good as when it is first placed in front of you. Somethings the microwave just doesn't help.

Well, that about wraps up the last couple of days.

Until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Sweating It Out in Virginia Beach

Just to let everyone know we are still sitting around here in Virginia Beach. Yesterday Bill sat & watched the races on TV & 2 Football games. I spent my day at the beach! It was wonderful. When I went to get in the truck the thermometer on the rear view mirror said 100 degrees!!!! Of course, once I started down the road, it went down to 94. A real temperature drop huh? Sitting on the edge of the beach in my chair, reading & chilling out was wonderful though. I left here at 1:15pm & didn't return until 6:30pm! A very relaxing afternoon.

Today we received word from Bill's niece, Brenda, that her mom (his sister Carolyn) not only has colon cancer, but she has to have open heart surgery on Wed. She went to Erie today to have a heart catherization done before her scheduled surgery on Fri. in Warren. They found 2-3 arteries 80% blocked & some others that show a lower amount of blockage. So, they scheduled the heart surgery for Wed. and cancelled the cancer surgery scheduled for Fri. in Warren. This means we will be taking another trip back to PA for a visit with family sometime the middle of Oct. No trailer, just the truck again. We can't believe all that has happened to our families and friends since we have left the area! Please keep them in your prayers. Knowing this is what Bill's mom went through makes things very scary.

Today in my email, I received a picture taken by a fellow camper across the road from us in Maryland. The boys were having a great time with a battery operated bug catcher. Unfortunately there was only two bug catchers and 4 boys. Nick and Noah are on the right, the other little guy is Shirley's grandson, & the guy in the front (Owen) is the owner of the bug catchers.

A note to my blog readers......Look at the counter!!!! I have almost 600 hits! WOW. Never thought that many of you would be reading! Thank You! Not many leave a comment, but let me know if you are the one to hit the 600 mark!

Mark is on leave for the next 4 days so hopefully we will get to do some things with him if he isn't tied up with catching up on his work at home. I think tomorrow he is going to install our new motor in our fireplace. The part came to his house, so now it is here waiting for installation. He and Samuel stayed at the trailer with us on Fri. night. It was fun to have the little guy here. Mark & I sat around the fire until after 2AM. I don't remember the last time I stayed up that late (except of course to read when I couldn't sleep)! I have many of those nights. Sometimes I just wake up around 1am & then have to read until I can go back to sleep. Why is it when you get older you can't sleep????

Well that's about it for now. Will keep you posted on the "highlights" of our life.

Until next time..........The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Real Retiree's

Since we have arrived in Virginia Beach, we have really become the "beach bums". Not that we spend every waking hour at the beach, but we have truly become "lazy".

I think this is the first time we have actually just sat all day & relaxed. Reading books, listening to the Sound of Freedom (Navy Jets), & just plain chilling out. I think I "Might" be a little bit bored, but not enough to change my lifestyle! It just seems kind of good not to have to be anyplace at any special time.

Today was overcast & a little sprinkle now & then, but that's all. Spent the morning washing down the kitchen & getting the cooking crud off the shelf tops & ceiling fans. Then washed all the artificial flowers. Hard to get them dried out when it was damp outside. I had them setting on the picnic table & wouldn't you know....a darn squirrel came along & was eating the berries off my flowers!!! They sure are a nuisance! I keep telling the neighbors the park needs to get rid of a few of them. There is a saying....There is too much of a good thing!

Made a trip to Rite Aid & then to Wal-Mart for our monthly groceries. Yikes!!! I miss Aldi's!!! I sat & looked at recipe books before we went & my list just kept getting longer & longer. I hate to cook. If I could bake & hire someone to cook for me I'd be in 7th Heaven! Oh well, we can't have everything. The hardest part is finding a place to put everything in the fridge. How I ever thought I could get along with only one refrigerator, I'll never know! I guess the RV industry is a little bit smarter in some aspects.

Couldn't get our AC to work yesterday afternoon & it was terribly hot & humid around supper time. The circuit breaker was tripped. Couldn't get it to stay on. Called Lime Lake today & then Mark came over after lunch when he got home from work & looked at it. Took awhile, but finally figured out you have to push the circuit breaker all the way down & then back up & it stayed. Jay, from L.Lake, called while we were at Wal-Mart. He said just watch what we have running at the same time. It must have pulled too many amps at once. Hopefully that was all it was. Tonight is a lot cooler, so maybe we can sleep without lying in a puddle of water!

We found a place down on Pacific Ave. near the beach that we want to try out for lunch or supper. We will have to let Phyllis & Tom (The Murphy's) know how it was after we've been there!!! (Keep tuned Foofee!!)

Well, not much else going on. Mark & Samuel are planning on camping with us this weekend. That should liven things up! Maybe grandma will get some exercise!

Until next time.....The Traveling Cardinal's

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post Tropical Storm Hannah

Well, we made it through the storm. Really, it wasn't that bad. We didn't get a lot of rain. We got some wind on Sat. afternoon with some gusts now & then. The trees in the RV park were swaying at the top pretty good, but the trailer never moved. The evening was beautiful.

We did lose power around 1:15pm. It was back on sometime during the night. Our son, Mark, lives right down the road from us & he said they didn't lose it. Half of the park had it & half didn't. The half we were in was toward the beach, & they may have lost it in that direction. Didn't talk to anyone about it to find out.

Went to church in V. Beach this morning & everything looked pretty normal to me. There were several small branches & leaves down, but didn't see anything major. The smell of the pine trees was beautiful though. Had a fresh smell going down the road. Cleared the air I guess.

I talked to my daughter in Maryland & she said they were getting rain by the buckets. I think they got the brunt of the storm. Also, my friend Toni called. She was in Danville, PA & they were getting a lot of rain too. So I guess you could say, Hannah, passed through, said Hi, I've got more places to visit & away she went! I just hope all our visits with hurricanes are just like her. She was kind to us.

Well, since I have no big news, no fantastic pictures, I'll say so long for now. Just wanted to let everyone know we are safe & sound.

Until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fulfilling Promises

Today it is raining in Virginia Beach. We are waiting for Hannah to hit, so there isn't much to do but wait. I got the laundry done this morning & caught up on emails, so now I must fulfill the promise of getting my blog updated with pictures.
We are a little nervous about Hannah, but we are prepared as much as we can be. We have extra water in the fridge, a full fresh water tank, our generator ready to go on the right gas tank, groceries in the trailer & hopefully we won't need any of the above!

Back to pictures from Maryland:
Noah was first. I'm hanging on, but being brave
Almost done, Handsome!
Nick says, I know I need a haircut, but.......
Handsome Nick
Bar Harbor RV Park in Abingdon, MD on the Bush River
Fishermen out our back trailer window
Papa, Noah & Nick feeding the ducks
Renee, Nick & Noah feeding the ducks
Sorry you can't see them, but 2 eagles in the dead tree across river from campsite just left of left pillar
Ducks in sunset water
Heron caught his fish
Hunter swimming under water
Nick having fun with Mom & not afraid either!
I think it is almost over Nick's head!
Noah & Hunter

Noah just sitting here & splashing - not ready for the deep water yet!

Happy Birthday Tom

#1 Dad with his 3 boys

Tom & his family at his surprise party

Future Bird Watcher - Noah

Future Bird Watcher - Nick

Nobody wants to play with me, but I'll show you football someday!!!

Nick after his first day at Kindergarten

Nick walking home with Mom after first day at Kindergarten

Mommy & Noah first day of Pre-K

Cade, Kenny & Noah waiting for bus to Pre-K

Our baby going to Pre-K. Are his legs long enough to step up that big step? He was sooo proud to ride that bus!

An excited Noah! Nick just coming down steps of bus

Mom, Noah & Nick after Noah's first day at Pre-K

Now we have left Maryland, gone to Virginia Beach, returned to NY/PA over Labor Day. On our return trip to V.B. this is the GPS showing the road where I grew up in Fentonville, NY. The brown road to the right is the Bain Rd. Our house is on the top corner of the intersection. Kind of blurry, but the barn in the background was my grandfather's.

Hazy Blue Ridge Mountains in the background

This ship was going over tunnel when we were going through Hampton Bridge Tunnel

Navy ship in bay by Norfolk Navy Ship Yard

Now that I have caught you up with pictures again, I'll not bore you with more for a few days.....that is unless Hanna leaves us with some special pictures that I just can't resist! Let's hope they are pictures of water only & no damage.

By the way, Lime Lake Marina & RV contacted us yesterday & our fireplace repair part is on it's way to Virginia Beach!!!! One down, one to go! I think this is called progress.

Hope to keep updated more often. I do have Verizon Wireless Card now for laptop. I'm not completely happy with it, but I have it for the next 2 years. It was a tough decision financially, and now I wished I hadn't done it. It is slower than cold tar in January. I could have paid 1/2 the price for the Internet service at the campground. Now that isn't an option. I will fulfill my contract, then cancel it.

Until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's