Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Week & Discouraged!

Well, today was weigh-in for Weight Watchers! Needless to say, it wasn't good! The .2 I lost last week I gained back this week! So I'm back to 1st base again! Boy, if I would have realized how hard it is to lose the 2nd time, I would never have let myself gain those 10 lbs.! Oh well, tomorrow is another day, the beginning of another week! I just have to keep a positive attitude & not give up.

Tomorrow will be a busy day of doing errands in Warren & going to the chiropractor again. Then Fri. we will be going to Erie for my MRI. Going to check my head to see if there is anything still in there! LOL Just kidding. I have a cyst on the stem of my brain & they want to make sure it isn't growing. I'd forgotten about it until I went for my check up a couple weeks ago. I guess these MRI's will be an annual thing.

This time I will remember to take my camera with me! Maybe, just maybe, we can get to Lake Erie for a couple of pictures. Hopefully it won't be raining!

We have a cook-out planned for Bill's family & another friend on Sat. & it calls for rain. We are hoping it will move away from the valley, but the forecast doesn't look promising. If it rains, we are cancelling. We don't have room to all take cover & since we are planning on having a fire to cook our hot dogs, that won't work in the rain either. So maybe we will have pictures in the future & maybe not.

Well, that's it for today. Until next time....The Traveling Cardinal's

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