Monday, June 2, 2008


Well, I haven't forgotten to journal, I've just been busy & tired.

Friday and Saturday we spent time washing the truck to get the pollen & dirt off & FINALLY getting all those bugs off the front of the trailer!!!! Boy, never again will we wait that long to remove them. Talk about elbow grease! Thought I wouldn't be able to move my arm, but I guess I didn't overdue as I can still type, write & pay bills! Needless to say, those long handled brushes to wash your trailer with don't do a thing when bugs have been baked on & hit at 70 mph! It takes plain old hard rubbing! End result, trailer looks pretty good again!

We finally had a nice enough weekend that we could sit around a camp fire. Saturday night was perfect. Sunday night got a little cool.

After church on Sunday morning in N. Warren, PA we came out to see all the people running to a fire at a home across the street from the church parking lot. Thankfully, everyone got out & damage was minimal. It was electrical & thanks to the neighbor with his garden hose, he stopped some of it until the fire dept. (1/2 block away), got there. After the fireman's work was done, it gave us a great opportunity to visit with all our friends and old neighbors from North Warren. We covered a lot of ground that morning. I even gave a hug to the young lady from the home that was damaged in the name of the Red Cross. I might not have been there officially, but those hugs always mean a lot when disaster strikes. That is one part of the volunteer job you never forget!


Then in the afternoon, Bill went to plant flowers at the cemetery and I went to his great niece's bridal shower.
While I was waiting for Gerry to pick me up at Bill's brother's home, I snapped this picture in his back yard!!!

What a beautiful rhododendron bush!!

Nicole received lots of nice gifts. Gosh, it makes me feel old when the kids of the kids that were only one year old when Bill & I got married are getting married! Holy Cow! We are getting old!

Sister of the bride, Kari, mother of the bride, Barb, bride-to-be, NicoleThen in the evening we got to visit my dear friend, Toni, and celebrate with her family on the safe return home of their son, Dan, from Iraq. He looked really good!! Still bashful when he gets those hugs, but he sure deserves them!!!

The Loomis Family -- Dan is on the left

Today I decided to get a little ambitious. I sat in the sun for a little bit, but I decided to clean up the weeds & leaves around the rhododendron bush & hedge by the rock at the corner of our lot. I asked if I cleaned it out if I could plant some flowers. The owner of the campground said I could do any landscaping I wanted. But then, when I went to use his hedge trimmer,...yup, it sparked & smoked & that was the end of the trimming! At least it is weeded & cleaned out. Now I just have to find some flowers to plant. I guess I never got rid of that little gardening streak in my blood. Must like the feel of the earth under my fingernails! Don't like the feel of the breaking back when I'm done though. Takes about 15 steps to stand up straight! Then you don't want to stop moving. If you do, you're doomed! Maybe by next week I'll have a solution to that too. I have an MRI on Friday & then to a pain clinic doctor in the coming weeks. It's been 7 years since I've seen one. My doctor in Erie, PA, quit his practice & now teaches. I hate starting with a new doctor, but I pray he will be as good as the one I previously had.

After leaving church on Sunday morning, we stopped in front of our former home on State Street & snapped this picture of the wisteria. You don't know how many years I waited for the right side of that to bloom! It was in there for 7 years & never a blossom. I finally planted one on the other side & Bingo, cross pollination & it blossomed about 8 blossoms before we sold our home last year. This year it was absolutely loaded with blossoms. One side is more lavender, the other is a little more pinkish. Still beautiful. The blossoms showed up a lot better before the leaves started coming out, but it's still full. You can see the daffodil leaves up the sidewalk. Flowers are gone, but I heard from some of the neighbors, they really enjoyed them. Hope the new owners did too!

Former Bullock Home in North Warren, PA

Took a walk in the creek tonight (not the water though, still pretty cold). Brought back childhood memories of playing in the creek as a kid. I even found a neat robin egg blue shaped rock to bring back & put where I pulled the weeds.

Well, I suppose I'd better end this rambling for tonight. Until later.....The Traveling Cardinal's

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Bob and Snookie said...

To get bugs off the front of the 5th wheel....use a wet dryer softening sheet. Bounce comes to mind. Works every time.