Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eating Healthy

Well, as you can see by my title today, I had to get a handle on my eating habits! This here Full-Time RVing with food & drinks just doesn't cut it for my figure. As of 10:00AM (meeting time) this morning, I've officially gone back to Weight Watchers on a weekly basis. I wanted to get in control again so I wouldn't be where I was 5 years ago! So, with the support & encouragement of my friend, Deanna, I'm back to W.W. & measuring my food portions again. 5 years ago I said once I became Lifetime, I'd NEVER pay again! Well, I had to eat my words. I'm not too much over, but enough that if I let it go, I'd have to buy another wardrobe & I don't want to do that! There were 5 of us from Hidden Valley Campground that went today. Of course, two of them have been going & are way ahead of us old timers. That's okay, we are committed & WILL catch up!

The only problem I have for eating tomorrow is............3 meals out!!!! Forgot tomorrow I meet my girlfriends for breakfast, lunch out because we have to stay in Warren, & since it's Thursday, it's Johnny's Lunch night. (That eats up 10 points right there for 1 hot dog w/sauce!!!) But I will make it!!!!

Weather was rainy again today. A little on the muggy side. Suppose to be warmer (80 deg.) tomorrow, but chance of rain again.

The muscles don't ache today as bad as I thought they would. So that is good! Not much else to report, so I'll make today's journal really short. Until next time.....The Traveling Cardinal's

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Froggi Donna said...

Just found your blog from another blog (forgot which one...darn CRS...LOL!) Like you, working on the weight/diet thing (gets tougher as we get older).

I also used to live in Marshburg, PA and we were in the process of buying a house in Warren (not too far from the state hopsital) when hubby was diagnosed with cancer. We didn't move and we did sell the RV.

Small world!