Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Uneventful Day

Today was an uneventful day. Rain, rain, rain. What can I say. That is getting to be old news!

Today was weigh-in. Not very eventful there either! Only lost .2 lbs. Not good, but then the last 2 days I haven't been drinking my water. So I guess it was my fault & that is .2 lbs. I don't have anymore!! The eating & exercising are going well, but I need to pay attention to the other parts too! I need a buddy! Oh, but I have one!! My friend from Michigan, Marquita, and I are going to be IM buddies to help each other out! We will be praying for each other & checking up on each other to make sure we keep on track & DON'T GIVE UP! Keeping motivated is the answer. With this cold, gray, rainy weather, it makes it hard to "get up & go"!

I slept this afternoon. It's called discouraged, cold & lazy. Then at 3pm got up & went to work. Worked for 3-1/2 hrs. & then came home & ate, then went for my 3-1/2 mi. walk. Weather was perfect for walking, cloudy with a little sun. Then later on we sat by the campfire with neighbors, Becky & Randy, & it started to rain. So back in we came.

Bill played horseshoes while I walked. Wasn't on the winning team tonight. But Becky hung in there to the end. She loves it. Only 3rd time she's played, but she's pretty darn good!

Tonight when I was walking a deer walked right across the road in front of me! Sure wished I would have had my camera. But, that's too much baggage. Cameras are great when hiking & you are looking at the scenery, but when I walk like that I just listen to music & concentrate on getting that exercise in. Since I have no pictures to share, I'll make this post short.

Until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's


Bob and Snookie said...

Oh No No NO! When you are blogger a camera is NEVER TOO MUCH BAGGAGE! Got that girlfriend?

Bob and Snookie said...

....and you are not blogging because?????