Saturday, June 14, 2008

Greetings from Western New York

Finally, a day I can catch up on my blog. Where does the time go? And we aren't even traveling!!

The week has been pretty busy running around to doctor appointments, cleaning the latrines, honey dipping, and oh yeah, having some fun!

Finally got rid of some of the humidity (of course we had to have some rain on the fun in order to get rid of it).
Thursday was a beautiful day for us to travel to Erie, PA for my doctor's appointment. I told Bill, darn, I forgot my camera (sounds like another blogger I know!!!) I could have taken some pictures of Lake Chautauqua & Lake Erie. Oh well, I have to go back for an MRI so I guess I'll remember to take it next time. Pray it's not raining! We didn't take time to go to the lake anyway because we wanted to stop at friends in Blockville, NYon the way home. Had a great visit (both recently retired and loving it). Not RVers though, but still very special, long time friends. While we were there, they were so gracious to supply us with some firewood for campfire. That's like having friends in high places!!!

Friday morning I spent visiting former co-workers at Warren State Hospital in North Warren, PA. Was fun to see everyone & catch up on their lives. That's the bad part of retirement, leaving your friends. But some of them aren't far behind in that endeavor in life either! Some hope it is really, really soon!

Friday night was a perfect night for sitting around the campfire. Only problem is, it makes me want to eat. But when I got up this morning I still had lost another pound, that puts me at 4 since starting back to W.W. That's 4 less than I had a week & a half ago!!!

Within about 5 minutes of coming in from the fire ring, I asked Bill if I had time to take a quick shower before the storm hit. It was already thundering. I no more than got my hair shampooed & the electricity went off. Thank God for battery backup! Also some water in the fresh water tank & a water pump!!!! While others were in the dark, we went on with life as usual. (We had already had microwave popcorn around the fire, so didn't have to use the microwave!) When Sparky & Helen (my cousin) come for camp fire, we always have to have popcorn. He eats it EVERY NIGHT. Must be a good thing as he is a skinny little guy & always has been.

Today was the Horseshoe Tournament at Hidden Valley. Every Wednesday night Bill sits in the living room looking out the window at the pits across the road & I KNOW he was thinking "I want to be over there doing that". He's been afraid for years since he had his shoulder surgery. Well, he decided he wanted to pitch in the tournament! Guess What???? He came in 3rd place! Not bad for a sweet old guy who hasn't pitched in over 10 years! I helped serve the hot dogs, sauerkraut, chips, & beverages from the porch of the owners, Randy & Becky. Today was Randy's Father's Day gift to the campers.....Free Hot Dogs! THANKS RANDY! The pitchers had to take a couple of breaks throughout the afternoon due to rain, but they went right back out there to finish. Bill took a quick shower & then headed to the laundry mat! Darn, I didn't get a picture of that one! At least he didn't fall like one guy did. The evening is looking pretty good though, but I think he is too tired to sit by a fire tonight! After a late supper he is snoozing in the chair.

These first, sunny pictures are from the Wednesday Night Horseshoe group at Hidden Valley Campground looking from my door: (Oh, by the way, see the pretty rhododendrun, there are no BIG bushes on either side.....That was my project! They were twice as high as the rhododendrun! I couldn't see anything! Now I have a view!)

Evalyn & Dick getting ready to play horseshoes Lloyd watching the gang play

Dick raking that pit so it will ring that stake!
Bill getting all the distractions gone before he pitches in the Tournament
Keep your eye on that stake, Mr. Bill!!
Here's the pitch. All eyes were on him, but I was too far away to see the result of this one.
Brad V. in the middle & Bill's partner, Russ on right. Brad is an old friend from N. Warren. He & Bill ran ambulance together many, many years ago.
Well, I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow & remember to call your Dads for Father's Day! They are very special guys! After all, there wouldn't be a you without them! So to any dads out there reading this......"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"!

Until next time.........The Traveling Cardinals

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