Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wet, Rainy, Cold

You aren't going to believe this!!! I had this post all done & went to change the font & WHAM...the whole post disappeared & there is NO UNDO in this program!! The only thing in the draft was the title!! What a bummer. Now...what did I say 30 min. ago! Remember, I'm retired & have this memory problem!!!!!

Well, we are back to NY/PA weather! Cold & rainy again! Where or where is Arizona?? I know, it's 111 deg. there! Why can't we split some of the temps & have them send us 30 deg. to add to ours & they can have the rest?? Sounds like a solution to me. Besides, they don't have the humidity, I'll trade any day!

Sunday, Father's Day was beautiful though. Started out by going to the chapel at Warren State in N. Warren, PA. While we were in church, my glasses came apart so had to do a trip to Wal-Mart afterwards. It was great to see all the friends we hadn't seen since last year. Lots of hugs to go around. Jeff D. came in a wheelchair to play the piano on his scheduled Sunday. What a trooper! He sure is a fighter, but he really needs our prayers. His cancer has taken a big toll on him. He can still play that piano though. Maybe not like a year ago, but it was great to hear him once again! He is a real fighter though & tries to go in to work a few hours a week & tries to do some at home. It is just very tiring for him. It was great to see his wife, Marilyn, too!

When the preacher comes down from the pulpit to hand you a hymnal & give you a hug, you know you are home!!! Penny & Dan are super friends! After filling them in about our lives since we saw them last & giving them our blog address, we set out for Wal-Mart. Of course, they weren't open in the Optical Dept. yet, so had to go back. Did a couple of other errands & were stopped by a beautiful red minivan!!! WOW, it was Aaron & Marjorie! Nice Car!! Went up to their home to visit awhile & give Corban a hug. Of course, he was playing shy & hard to get. What a male thing! He sure is a cutie! The van story is a neat one! What a gift from God! He is sooo good! Aaron & Marjorie had been looking, praying & searching the Internet for one & found one right in Warren. It was at an auction, but in the last hour they missed it by $100!!! Well, then he found one near Buffalo, just like he wanted, same van, but with a LOT less miles & a whole lot less money!!! Oh, but the strange selling point was it had a Buffalo Sabres sign in the back window!!! Now is that a sign from above or what??? Aaron has been a big fan of them for a few years now! Now they have the transportation they need for when their new little one, Tobiah, arrives from Ethiopia. He & Corban can share the "captain" chairs in the middle!

Well, with glasses fixed we were finally on our way to find a place to eat for Father's Day. It was Bill's choice. Of course the place he wanted to try was one of those that never changes! Looks lousy on the outside so he drove on by. According to what we have heard, they have great meals though. Oh well, someday we will get brave & stop in. A couple other spots we like to eat are closed on Sundays. So we kept driving & driving. I thought we might end up in Erie again! But he mentioned Waterford & I knew we were headed for Sugar 'N Spice at the old hotel there. They have delicious meals & very, very reasonable. Huge portions (which we didn't need), but we split our meals in half on our plates & that meant "to go" boxes & no cooking on Mon. night!! I loved that part! Not sure it was a legitimate Weight Watcher meal, but I counted all the points!

On our way to Waterford, you pass through a town called Union City. Talk about a patriotic town. Now a few years back we saw a lot of this, but this town continues to support our troops! What a thrill to see as you go through town. The pictures just don't do it justice! It really gives you a great feeling to see a town come together like this. EVERY utility pole had a new yellow ribbon on it & flags flew throughout the street also.

Well, today was a bill paying, doctor form filling, etc., etc. Then this afternoon I went to my friend Dee's & she gave me a perm and hair cut! NICE! Now I can blow & go, or gel & leave! I hate having too much hair & don't know what to do with it when you get up in the morning & it just won't do what you want it to do. I knew one more haircut & I'd really be in trouble! No body in my hair at all without the perm. Then it feels like "why bother to wash it" you have so much gel & spray in it! Yuck!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Hope the stuffed chicken breast from Sunday & Monday has disappeared. It really is hard to get that 3-1/2 mile walk in when it's raining too. So other than yesterday, my walking has been zilch. Good thing I have that physical labor job of cleaning the latrines! That really makes me sweat! Even when it's cool outside!

I was going to work on my Swedish weaving tonight, but decided to wait until Thurs. when the gals get together in the afternoon to work on whatever project you want. Really, it's just fun to get together. Hope there are a few that show up. Since I had to retype this post, I guess my evening is just about done for!

So, until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's (who are sitting in the trees at Hidden Valley for the summer)

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