Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy Weekend - With Some Sun

Well, it didn't turn out to be a total wash out, but the weekend did bring us some real downpours.
Needless to say, when we went to Lake Erie on Friday, the weather was rather cloudy so I didn't get any pictures of the lake there. It was so hazy you couldn't tell the lake from the sky. We didn't go down to the lake & when we were coming in, I was driving & Bill only had one chance to take a picture & well....he missed it! On the way out of Erie, I did try to get a picture of something you might not have seen. If you are familiar with PA, you know that we used to have a product called Quaker State Oil. Erie, PA has a restaurant called Quaker, Steak & Lube. As you can see by the sign, they say they have the best wings in the USA! Kind of a diner type restaurant only bigger. Pretty neat place. It isn't just in PA. I looked on their web sight & they are in several states. I only have ever seen the one in PA. We ate there once, but chose to eat at other places while in Erie. It's on busy, busy Peach St., so it was hard to get pictures. It is right off Interstate 90, so traffic is always pretty heavy.

As you can see, it's a popular place to eat!
On the way home, we go by Chautauqua Lake in New York State. It is a really pretty lake too. We saw a lot of sail boats out. When we got close enough to take some pictures, we realized they must have been having a regalia. I think I spelled that right! They were really sailing along. The sails had a lot of wind to send them on their way. We went near where our friends used to have a cottage & got out & walked down & took a couple pictures. I always feel like I'm walking on someone else's property when I do that. There was a right-of-way to put your boat in so I walked down that. A really great fishing lake too....Bob! Hint! Hint!
These gentlemen were enjoying the sight too!
When I walk my 3-1/2 miles on the Riverside Rd., this is the sight I see on my way back to the campground. I still plan on taking my camera one of these days so I can take a couple better pictures. It's hard out of the window of the truck. Especially when you are going up & down hills.
OK Snookie, this is a dead tree I see on my walk you can share with your friend! Come to NY & look for it! LOL Of course, it is one of many!!!
Saturday we did get our family picnic in. We timed it exactly right. We gathered at 4pm, ate by 6pm and we had rain at 6:45 pm! How is that for answered prayers?? Just didn't get to sit around the fire except to cook the hot dogs. We had a nice fire too, before the rain put it out.

Helen, Wayne & Bill

Carolyn, Shirley, Sandy, Bobbie, Bucky & Neil

After our company left, we sat inside, as the rain kept blowing in & we had to put the awning down. It still holds all that water up there & doesn't dump it all. I don't want it to break, so down it comes. Better sitting inside anyway as it was thundering & lightning. By 8:15pm it had let up so we drove up to the pavilion (just in case we needed the truck to come home in too). There was a pretty good turn out for the Dessert Potluck. We just didn't get to sit around the bon fire & enjoy the entertainment there. The entertainment was inside the pavilion. They did a great job. All types of music - something for everyone. Andy's 14 year old daughter was great! Ready for American Idol any day!

Kaitlyn & Andy C.

Line up for the Good Desserts!

Then there are us who have to watch what we eat!! Darn! But there was some pretty neat stuff on that table too!

The line never ends & you should have seen the left overs!!!!!

Brenda, another camper, joins in with the entertainment! Nice job Brenda!

So this concludes our weekend! Now comes the 4th weekend. Should be lots going on. We understand from the weather forecast tonight that it's "suppose" to be nice! Of course, they change that every 2 days! But let's hope it's a nice one.

Wish me luck........I'm going out for breakfast in the morning. We go to Perkin's the last Monday of the month to meet with a gang of former W.S.H. employees. One is our old neighbor, so we can catch up on the North Warren news! Breakfast is at 8am! That means we have to leave here by 7:30am! Yuck! Means I have to get up EARLY! Not my favorite thing to do!!!!

So, until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

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