Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I ACHE!!!!

Well, you know that ambitious project I talked about yesterday??? I did more than I thought I would.

I started out the day by washing all the ceilings, walls & cupboards in the RV. Gosh it sure was nice to be able to do my WHOLE HOUSE in one morning!!! What a difference from a 2 story, 4 bedroom home!!!! I even took time to sit down & read while waiting for Bill to take a break from his "honey dipping" job to eat lunch. (Gosh, I can't imagine having an appetite after doing that all day!!!!!) But I guess you need nourishment to keep going.

After he left from lunch I decided to finish that project outside. My friend, Jerry F., brought over his "manual" hedge trimmers & some clippers. He helped for a bit, then I was on my own. Do you know how bad your arms get using those manual trimmers???? On top of that, it got muggy & I had a long sleeve shirt on, the bugs were bugging me & I was sweating up a storm. But once I start something I don't stop. Then a few people passing by said, I'd take those stupid bushes right out of there! Well, since the owners were out of town for the day, & he gave me permission to do whatever I want, I thought, OK, I can do this. So I clipped them down as good as I could to just above the rock. Then when Bill got done work I asked him to go get me the chain saw. Yup, I did it! I've used an electric one before, but never a gas one. Little touchier, but I got them down. Now......what were the owners going to say when they came home. I was a little nervous. All is well that ends well. He said he didn't care, I could have taken them all out with a backhoe, & she loved it. Now she can see down the road from her living room in the house! Next step is to get a few flowers to plant around the edge. That will help take your eye off the cut down bushes. There is still a rhododendron there, but I couldn't trim that down until it is done blossoming.

Since my arms & back are killing me, I guess this is the end of today's journal for....The Traveling Cardinal's. PS: I won't add a picture until the project is completed!

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