Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy Weekend - With Some Sun

Well, it didn't turn out to be a total wash out, but the weekend did bring us some real downpours.
Needless to say, when we went to Lake Erie on Friday, the weather was rather cloudy so I didn't get any pictures of the lake there. It was so hazy you couldn't tell the lake from the sky. We didn't go down to the lake & when we were coming in, I was driving & Bill only had one chance to take a picture & well....he missed it! On the way out of Erie, I did try to get a picture of something you might not have seen. If you are familiar with PA, you know that we used to have a product called Quaker State Oil. Erie, PA has a restaurant called Quaker, Steak & Lube. As you can see by the sign, they say they have the best wings in the USA! Kind of a diner type restaurant only bigger. Pretty neat place. It isn't just in PA. I looked on their web sight & they are in several states. I only have ever seen the one in PA. We ate there once, but chose to eat at other places while in Erie. It's on busy, busy Peach St., so it was hard to get pictures. It is right off Interstate 90, so traffic is always pretty heavy.

As you can see, it's a popular place to eat!
On the way home, we go by Chautauqua Lake in New York State. It is a really pretty lake too. We saw a lot of sail boats out. When we got close enough to take some pictures, we realized they must have been having a regalia. I think I spelled that right! They were really sailing along. The sails had a lot of wind to send them on their way. We went near where our friends used to have a cottage & got out & walked down & took a couple pictures. I always feel like I'm walking on someone else's property when I do that. There was a right-of-way to put your boat in so I walked down that. A really great fishing lake too....Bob! Hint! Hint!
These gentlemen were enjoying the sight too!
When I walk my 3-1/2 miles on the Riverside Rd., this is the sight I see on my way back to the campground. I still plan on taking my camera one of these days so I can take a couple better pictures. It's hard out of the window of the truck. Especially when you are going up & down hills.
OK Snookie, this is a dead tree I see on my walk you can share with your friend! Come to NY & look for it! LOL Of course, it is one of many!!!
Saturday we did get our family picnic in. We timed it exactly right. We gathered at 4pm, ate by 6pm and we had rain at 6:45 pm! How is that for answered prayers?? Just didn't get to sit around the fire except to cook the hot dogs. We had a nice fire too, before the rain put it out.

Helen, Wayne & Bill

Carolyn, Shirley, Sandy, Bobbie, Bucky & Neil

After our company left, we sat inside, as the rain kept blowing in & we had to put the awning down. It still holds all that water up there & doesn't dump it all. I don't want it to break, so down it comes. Better sitting inside anyway as it was thundering & lightning. By 8:15pm it had let up so we drove up to the pavilion (just in case we needed the truck to come home in too). There was a pretty good turn out for the Dessert Potluck. We just didn't get to sit around the bon fire & enjoy the entertainment there. The entertainment was inside the pavilion. They did a great job. All types of music - something for everyone. Andy's 14 year old daughter was great! Ready for American Idol any day!

Kaitlyn & Andy C.

Line up for the Good Desserts!

Then there are us who have to watch what we eat!! Darn! But there was some pretty neat stuff on that table too!

The line never ends & you should have seen the left overs!!!!!

Brenda, another camper, joins in with the entertainment! Nice job Brenda!

So this concludes our weekend! Now comes the 4th weekend. Should be lots going on. We understand from the weather forecast tonight that it's "suppose" to be nice! Of course, they change that every 2 days! But let's hope it's a nice one.

Wish me luck........I'm going out for breakfast in the morning. We go to Perkin's the last Monday of the month to meet with a gang of former W.S.H. employees. One is our old neighbor, so we can catch up on the North Warren news! Breakfast is at 8am! That means we have to leave here by 7:30am! Yuck! Means I have to get up EARLY! Not my favorite thing to do!!!!

So, until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Week & Discouraged!

Well, today was weigh-in for Weight Watchers! Needless to say, it wasn't good! The .2 I lost last week I gained back this week! So I'm back to 1st base again! Boy, if I would have realized how hard it is to lose the 2nd time, I would never have let myself gain those 10 lbs.! Oh well, tomorrow is another day, the beginning of another week! I just have to keep a positive attitude & not give up.

Tomorrow will be a busy day of doing errands in Warren & going to the chiropractor again. Then Fri. we will be going to Erie for my MRI. Going to check my head to see if there is anything still in there! LOL Just kidding. I have a cyst on the stem of my brain & they want to make sure it isn't growing. I'd forgotten about it until I went for my check up a couple weeks ago. I guess these MRI's will be an annual thing.

This time I will remember to take my camera with me! Maybe, just maybe, we can get to Lake Erie for a couple of pictures. Hopefully it won't be raining!

We have a cook-out planned for Bill's family & another friend on Sat. & it calls for rain. We are hoping it will move away from the valley, but the forecast doesn't look promising. If it rains, we are cancelling. We don't have room to all take cover & since we are planning on having a fire to cook our hot dogs, that won't work in the rain either. So maybe we will have pictures in the future & maybe not.

Well, that's it for today. Until next time....The Traveling Cardinal's

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Are Still Alive & Well!

Sorry, I guess I think I've been on vacation! Not really, but there have been some busy days & then I sit with a book in my hand & my feet up. Sounds like I'm retired doesn't it! Well, since we aren't doing any traveling, then I might as well enjoy some of the rare sunshine that we have had in the past few days in between those dark clouds!

I don't even know what we've been doing, but I know we have been busy. Bill has been helping Randy, the campground owner, cut up some trees that were cut down by a company that came in to do the big job. He spent 3 days doing that on Thurs., Fri. & half day Sat. I was looking for action pictures, but instead I caught them loafing! Not really, but there wasn't much action. The chain was off the saw blade. I wanted to say...."Guys, I think the saw is too little for the size trees you are trying to cut up", but you know, being a woman, I didn't dare say anything. I just walked away & took my pictures.
Bill, Leon & Randy working on fixing the saw blade
Lots of trees to clean up & cut up

Took this picture of this pretty little goldfinch at one of the neighbors feeders. Stopped to talk with her while she was doing some weeding & the little finch came to eat. Then I decided to take a picture of our rig showing all the shrubs trimmed on our spot. Finished with the rest of it after the rhododendron's blossoms all fell off.

I took the time on Sat. to go into the little town where I went to school & mail a package, have a cup of coffee with my nephew, Denny, and then explore the antique store across from the post office that is owned & operated by a gal I went to school with. Susie & I had quite a chat & I even found a couple of things to buy.

One of the things I bought made my day!! When we were selling our house & the contents, one of the things I had a hard time parting with was a beautiful pressed glass punch bowl that belonged to my mother. It was on a pedestal that she sometimes used to put flowers in. I always loved it & I had it setting on top of my china closet, but on occasions of showers, Christmas parties, etc., I would use it. Well, a girl I worked with at the State, bought it. I saw her a couple of weeks ago & she said she had used it & that made me feel good to know it was still being used. Then I visited the little antique store & I found this cute little bowl that looked almost exactly like my punch bowl in miniature! So now I can say I downsized my house & also my punch bowl! It looks enough like it to satisfy me & that is all that counts! I know it's one more thing to pack every time we move, but oh well!
My Prize Purchase!
We had a call from our friends, Phyllis & Tom, from Iowa tonight at supper time. Was so glad to hear from them & know that they are no where near the floods in Des Moines! I know they actually don't live far from there, but not close to any of the water. With no basement they say they are in no danger! We were just glad to hear they were doing well! She said the mosquitoes are having a hay day with all the rain though. Guess there will be a run on Listerine, if what they say is tr ue. Bill is using it when he honey dips, but so far the mosquitoes here haven't been too bad.
Tonight was the Strawberry Social at the pavilion. Yum, Yum! I love strawberries. They are pretty pricey this year. Some places are $4.75 a quart! I think I'll buy my jam or......wait for my son to offer me a jar of his homemade freezer jam! He does a great job & it is really good. Kind of sweet for us weight watchers, but a little now & then doesn't hurt! Good on PB & J sandwiches & ice cream! Of course, I had strawberry shortcake tonight! One of my very favorites!
Tomorrow is weight in, so we will see what the scales say this week! Not very encouraged from last week, so I'm hoping I did better this week. Wish me luck!
So, my friend, Snookie, I guess I don't really have any excuse for not blogging, except being a little busy & just plain lazy! I didn't take my camera on my walk again this morning, but one of these days I am going to take it as the farm lands are beautiful from the top of the hill. It's fun to look over yonder & see where I grew up, never believing I'd be back in the same neck-of-the-woods spending my summers!
Oh & Snookie, every time I see a dead tree, I think of all you take for you friend! I'll have to email you a couple pictures you can "borrow" from the state of NY!! Then someday you can travel this way & see if you can find them! Ha! Ha!
In my many emails that I had to catch up on I got a note from my dear friend, Toni. She let me know that the gentleman I talked about who played the piano a week ago on Father's Day at the Chapel where we went had passed away this past Sunday. I was so glad we picked that day to attend! He will be sorely missed by family, friends & co-workers!
Take care all you good people & until next time........The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Uneventful Day

Today was an uneventful day. Rain, rain, rain. What can I say. That is getting to be old news!

Today was weigh-in. Not very eventful there either! Only lost .2 lbs. Not good, but then the last 2 days I haven't been drinking my water. So I guess it was my fault & that is .2 lbs. I don't have anymore!! The eating & exercising are going well, but I need to pay attention to the other parts too! I need a buddy! Oh, but I have one!! My friend from Michigan, Marquita, and I are going to be IM buddies to help each other out! We will be praying for each other & checking up on each other to make sure we keep on track & DON'T GIVE UP! Keeping motivated is the answer. With this cold, gray, rainy weather, it makes it hard to "get up & go"!

I slept this afternoon. It's called discouraged, cold & lazy. Then at 3pm got up & went to work. Worked for 3-1/2 hrs. & then came home & ate, then went for my 3-1/2 mi. walk. Weather was perfect for walking, cloudy with a little sun. Then later on we sat by the campfire with neighbors, Becky & Randy, & it started to rain. So back in we came.

Bill played horseshoes while I walked. Wasn't on the winning team tonight. But Becky hung in there to the end. She loves it. Only 3rd time she's played, but she's pretty darn good!

Tonight when I was walking a deer walked right across the road in front of me! Sure wished I would have had my camera. But, that's too much baggage. Cameras are great when hiking & you are looking at the scenery, but when I walk like that I just listen to music & concentrate on getting that exercise in. Since I have no pictures to share, I'll make this post short.

Until next time.......The Traveling Cardinal's

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wet, Rainy, Cold

You aren't going to believe this!!! I had this post all done & went to change the font & WHAM...the whole post disappeared & there is NO UNDO in this program!! The only thing in the draft was the title!! What a bummer. Now...what did I say 30 min. ago! Remember, I'm retired & have this memory problem!!!!!

Well, we are back to NY/PA weather! Cold & rainy again! Where or where is Arizona?? I know, it's 111 deg. there! Why can't we split some of the temps & have them send us 30 deg. to add to ours & they can have the rest?? Sounds like a solution to me. Besides, they don't have the humidity, I'll trade any day!

Sunday, Father's Day was beautiful though. Started out by going to the chapel at Warren State in N. Warren, PA. While we were in church, my glasses came apart so had to do a trip to Wal-Mart afterwards. It was great to see all the friends we hadn't seen since last year. Lots of hugs to go around. Jeff D. came in a wheelchair to play the piano on his scheduled Sunday. What a trooper! He sure is a fighter, but he really needs our prayers. His cancer has taken a big toll on him. He can still play that piano though. Maybe not like a year ago, but it was great to hear him once again! He is a real fighter though & tries to go in to work a few hours a week & tries to do some at home. It is just very tiring for him. It was great to see his wife, Marilyn, too!

When the preacher comes down from the pulpit to hand you a hymnal & give you a hug, you know you are home!!! Penny & Dan are super friends! After filling them in about our lives since we saw them last & giving them our blog address, we set out for Wal-Mart. Of course, they weren't open in the Optical Dept. yet, so had to go back. Did a couple of other errands & were stopped by a beautiful red minivan!!! WOW, it was Aaron & Marjorie! Nice Car!! Went up to their home to visit awhile & give Corban a hug. Of course, he was playing shy & hard to get. What a male thing! He sure is a cutie! The van story is a neat one! What a gift from God! He is sooo good! Aaron & Marjorie had been looking, praying & searching the Internet for one & found one right in Warren. It was at an auction, but in the last hour they missed it by $100!!! Well, then he found one near Buffalo, just like he wanted, same van, but with a LOT less miles & a whole lot less money!!! Oh, but the strange selling point was it had a Buffalo Sabres sign in the back window!!! Now is that a sign from above or what??? Aaron has been a big fan of them for a few years now! Now they have the transportation they need for when their new little one, Tobiah, arrives from Ethiopia. He & Corban can share the "captain" chairs in the middle!

Well, with glasses fixed we were finally on our way to find a place to eat for Father's Day. It was Bill's choice. Of course the place he wanted to try was one of those that never changes! Looks lousy on the outside so he drove on by. According to what we have heard, they have great meals though. Oh well, someday we will get brave & stop in. A couple other spots we like to eat are closed on Sundays. So we kept driving & driving. I thought we might end up in Erie again! But he mentioned Waterford & I knew we were headed for Sugar 'N Spice at the old hotel there. They have delicious meals & very, very reasonable. Huge portions (which we didn't need), but we split our meals in half on our plates & that meant "to go" boxes & no cooking on Mon. night!! I loved that part! Not sure it was a legitimate Weight Watcher meal, but I counted all the points!

On our way to Waterford, you pass through a town called Union City. Talk about a patriotic town. Now a few years back we saw a lot of this, but this town continues to support our troops! What a thrill to see as you go through town. The pictures just don't do it justice! It really gives you a great feeling to see a town come together like this. EVERY utility pole had a new yellow ribbon on it & flags flew throughout the street also.

Well, today was a bill paying, doctor form filling, etc., etc. Then this afternoon I went to my friend Dee's & she gave me a perm and hair cut! NICE! Now I can blow & go, or gel & leave! I hate having too much hair & don't know what to do with it when you get up in the morning & it just won't do what you want it to do. I knew one more haircut & I'd really be in trouble! No body in my hair at all without the perm. Then it feels like "why bother to wash it" you have so much gel & spray in it! Yuck!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Hope the stuffed chicken breast from Sunday & Monday has disappeared. It really is hard to get that 3-1/2 mile walk in when it's raining too. So other than yesterday, my walking has been zilch. Good thing I have that physical labor job of cleaning the latrines! That really makes me sweat! Even when it's cool outside!

I was going to work on my Swedish weaving tonight, but decided to wait until Thurs. when the gals get together in the afternoon to work on whatever project you want. Really, it's just fun to get together. Hope there are a few that show up. Since I had to retype this post, I guess my evening is just about done for!

So, until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's (who are sitting in the trees at Hidden Valley for the summer)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Greetings from Western New York

Finally, a day I can catch up on my blog. Where does the time go? And we aren't even traveling!!

The week has been pretty busy running around to doctor appointments, cleaning the latrines, honey dipping, and oh yeah, having some fun!

Finally got rid of some of the humidity (of course we had to have some rain on the fun in order to get rid of it).
Thursday was a beautiful day for us to travel to Erie, PA for my doctor's appointment. I told Bill, darn, I forgot my camera (sounds like another blogger I know!!!) I could have taken some pictures of Lake Chautauqua & Lake Erie. Oh well, I have to go back for an MRI so I guess I'll remember to take it next time. Pray it's not raining! We didn't take time to go to the lake anyway because we wanted to stop at friends in Blockville, NYon the way home. Had a great visit (both recently retired and loving it). Not RVers though, but still very special, long time friends. While we were there, they were so gracious to supply us with some firewood for campfire. That's like having friends in high places!!!

Friday morning I spent visiting former co-workers at Warren State Hospital in North Warren, PA. Was fun to see everyone & catch up on their lives. That's the bad part of retirement, leaving your friends. But some of them aren't far behind in that endeavor in life either! Some hope it is really, really soon!

Friday night was a perfect night for sitting around the campfire. Only problem is, it makes me want to eat. But when I got up this morning I still had lost another pound, that puts me at 4 since starting back to W.W. That's 4 less than I had a week & a half ago!!!

Within about 5 minutes of coming in from the fire ring, I asked Bill if I had time to take a quick shower before the storm hit. It was already thundering. I no more than got my hair shampooed & the electricity went off. Thank God for battery backup! Also some water in the fresh water tank & a water pump!!!! While others were in the dark, we went on with life as usual. (We had already had microwave popcorn around the fire, so didn't have to use the microwave!) When Sparky & Helen (my cousin) come for camp fire, we always have to have popcorn. He eats it EVERY NIGHT. Must be a good thing as he is a skinny little guy & always has been.

Today was the Horseshoe Tournament at Hidden Valley. Every Wednesday night Bill sits in the living room looking out the window at the pits across the road & I KNOW he was thinking "I want to be over there doing that". He's been afraid for years since he had his shoulder surgery. Well, he decided he wanted to pitch in the tournament! Guess What???? He came in 3rd place! Not bad for a sweet old guy who hasn't pitched in over 10 years! I helped serve the hot dogs, sauerkraut, chips, & beverages from the porch of the owners, Randy & Becky. Today was Randy's Father's Day gift to the campers.....Free Hot Dogs! THANKS RANDY! The pitchers had to take a couple of breaks throughout the afternoon due to rain, but they went right back out there to finish. Bill took a quick shower & then headed to the laundry mat! Darn, I didn't get a picture of that one! At least he didn't fall like one guy did. The evening is looking pretty good though, but I think he is too tired to sit by a fire tonight! After a late supper he is snoozing in the chair.

These first, sunny pictures are from the Wednesday Night Horseshoe group at Hidden Valley Campground looking from my door: (Oh, by the way, see the pretty rhododendrun, there are no BIG bushes on either side.....That was my project! They were twice as high as the rhododendrun! I couldn't see anything! Now I have a view!)

Evalyn & Dick getting ready to play horseshoes Lloyd watching the gang play

Dick raking that pit so it will ring that stake!
Bill getting all the distractions gone before he pitches in the Tournament
Keep your eye on that stake, Mr. Bill!!
Here's the pitch. All eyes were on him, but I was too far away to see the result of this one.
Brad V. in the middle & Bill's partner, Russ on right. Brad is an old friend from N. Warren. He & Bill ran ambulance together many, many years ago.
Well, I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow & remember to call your Dads for Father's Day! They are very special guys! After all, there wouldn't be a you without them! So to any dads out there reading this......"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"!

Until next time.........The Traveling Cardinals

Monday, June 9, 2008


Another Hot, Humid Day!!! Not much to report except I've had over 200 readers on my blog! Hey Snookie, I'll never catch up to you, but at least you gave me the start!

I'm jealous of your cooler, less humid temps in Colorado!!!! But how much melting snow is running down the mountains???

Daughter called this morning & they got her AC running!!! Someone who previously owned the apartment had mislabeled the circuit breaker box & the AC was tripped!!!! Good Electrician. Glad he doesn't work for me! But really glad they now have AC!

Until next time......The Traveling Cardinal's

Boy, that was short huh?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, I guess we are back in NY/PA! Weather changed quite quickly from cold & rainy to hot & humid. Feels like July-August weather. I try not to complain since I like hot weather, but I don't like feeling sticky! Since campground doesn't have great up-to-date electric & we are on 30amps, we don't like to use AC unless we absolutely have to.

We had the Penn-York Square Dancers at the campground over the weekend. We know several of the couples that dance. Of course, my husband likes to watch, but can't quite get him to try it. Quite a few of my brothers & sister did dance & some still do. Now down to the next generation. Everyone is afraid to try it since they don't like to make mistakes (so my husband says), but even the old timers mess up sometimes. That's what makes it fun. Saturday night they are suppose to dress up to dance, but it was really HOT. My sister, Romayne, danced with my nephew, Randy, in her jeans. They had danced on Fri. night at another dance in Chautauqua County as they belong to the Chau-tau-qua Squares. My brother & sister-in-law came to watch too. So we had a gathering at the trailer & ate blackberry pie that my sister brought. Bill's favorite & delicious as always! (Oh, & that was 9 pts. for an 8th of a piece too!!!)





Today I walked 3 miles in the hot, humid weather before noon. I thought I'd never get back! I even braved the pool today (up to my waist). Wasn't quite brave enough to just jump in. It felt good, but was still pretty cold (75 deg.). Sounds warm but it really wasn't.

Talked to our daughter, Renee, & sons in MD today. She said it is HOT, HOT, HOT there & their AC does not work!!! Around 100 deg., second floor apt. She said they have been taking 4-5 showers a day just to keep cool. Hot weather makes for cranky kiddos too. Wish they could live up here! Would love to have them close at least for the summer!

This week we have to make a trip to Erie for me to go to doctor (routine check up). Then we will just be working (at a slow pace in the heat) the rest of week.

Not much else exciting going on here. Rather than boring you all with a dull week, I'll sign off with....The Traveling Cardinal's

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eating Healthy

Well, as you can see by my title today, I had to get a handle on my eating habits! This here Full-Time RVing with food & drinks just doesn't cut it for my figure. As of 10:00AM (meeting time) this morning, I've officially gone back to Weight Watchers on a weekly basis. I wanted to get in control again so I wouldn't be where I was 5 years ago! So, with the support & encouragement of my friend, Deanna, I'm back to W.W. & measuring my food portions again. 5 years ago I said once I became Lifetime, I'd NEVER pay again! Well, I had to eat my words. I'm not too much over, but enough that if I let it go, I'd have to buy another wardrobe & I don't want to do that! There were 5 of us from Hidden Valley Campground that went today. Of course, two of them have been going & are way ahead of us old timers. That's okay, we are committed & WILL catch up!

The only problem I have for eating tomorrow is............3 meals out!!!! Forgot tomorrow I meet my girlfriends for breakfast, lunch out because we have to stay in Warren, & since it's Thursday, it's Johnny's Lunch night. (That eats up 10 points right there for 1 hot dog w/sauce!!!) But I will make it!!!!

Weather was rainy again today. A little on the muggy side. Suppose to be warmer (80 deg.) tomorrow, but chance of rain again.

The muscles don't ache today as bad as I thought they would. So that is good! Not much else to report, so I'll make today's journal really short. Until next time.....The Traveling Cardinal's

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I ACHE!!!!

Well, you know that ambitious project I talked about yesterday??? I did more than I thought I would.

I started out the day by washing all the ceilings, walls & cupboards in the RV. Gosh it sure was nice to be able to do my WHOLE HOUSE in one morning!!! What a difference from a 2 story, 4 bedroom home!!!! I even took time to sit down & read while waiting for Bill to take a break from his "honey dipping" job to eat lunch. (Gosh, I can't imagine having an appetite after doing that all day!!!!!) But I guess you need nourishment to keep going.

After he left from lunch I decided to finish that project outside. My friend, Jerry F., brought over his "manual" hedge trimmers & some clippers. He helped for a bit, then I was on my own. Do you know how bad your arms get using those manual trimmers???? On top of that, it got muggy & I had a long sleeve shirt on, the bugs were bugging me & I was sweating up a storm. But once I start something I don't stop. Then a few people passing by said, I'd take those stupid bushes right out of there! Well, since the owners were out of town for the day, & he gave me permission to do whatever I want, I thought, OK, I can do this. So I clipped them down as good as I could to just above the rock. Then when Bill got done work I asked him to go get me the chain saw. Yup, I did it! I've used an electric one before, but never a gas one. Little touchier, but I got them down. Now......what were the owners going to say when they came home. I was a little nervous. All is well that ends well. He said he didn't care, I could have taken them all out with a backhoe, & she loved it. Now she can see down the road from her living room in the house! Next step is to get a few flowers to plant around the edge. That will help take your eye off the cut down bushes. There is still a rhododendron there, but I couldn't trim that down until it is done blossoming.

Since my arms & back are killing me, I guess this is the end of today's journal for....The Traveling Cardinal's. PS: I won't add a picture until the project is completed!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Well, I haven't forgotten to journal, I've just been busy & tired.

Friday and Saturday we spent time washing the truck to get the pollen & dirt off & FINALLY getting all those bugs off the front of the trailer!!!! Boy, never again will we wait that long to remove them. Talk about elbow grease! Thought I wouldn't be able to move my arm, but I guess I didn't overdue as I can still type, write & pay bills! Needless to say, those long handled brushes to wash your trailer with don't do a thing when bugs have been baked on & hit at 70 mph! It takes plain old hard rubbing! End result, trailer looks pretty good again!

We finally had a nice enough weekend that we could sit around a camp fire. Saturday night was perfect. Sunday night got a little cool.

After church on Sunday morning in N. Warren, PA we came out to see all the people running to a fire at a home across the street from the church parking lot. Thankfully, everyone got out & damage was minimal. It was electrical & thanks to the neighbor with his garden hose, he stopped some of it until the fire dept. (1/2 block away), got there. After the fireman's work was done, it gave us a great opportunity to visit with all our friends and old neighbors from North Warren. We covered a lot of ground that morning. I even gave a hug to the young lady from the home that was damaged in the name of the Red Cross. I might not have been there officially, but those hugs always mean a lot when disaster strikes. That is one part of the volunteer job you never forget!


Then in the afternoon, Bill went to plant flowers at the cemetery and I went to his great niece's bridal shower.
While I was waiting for Gerry to pick me up at Bill's brother's home, I snapped this picture in his back yard!!!

What a beautiful rhododendron bush!!

Nicole received lots of nice gifts. Gosh, it makes me feel old when the kids of the kids that were only one year old when Bill & I got married are getting married! Holy Cow! We are getting old!

Sister of the bride, Kari, mother of the bride, Barb, bride-to-be, NicoleThen in the evening we got to visit my dear friend, Toni, and celebrate with her family on the safe return home of their son, Dan, from Iraq. He looked really good!! Still bashful when he gets those hugs, but he sure deserves them!!!

The Loomis Family -- Dan is on the left

Today I decided to get a little ambitious. I sat in the sun for a little bit, but I decided to clean up the weeds & leaves around the rhododendron bush & hedge by the rock at the corner of our lot. I asked if I cleaned it out if I could plant some flowers. The owner of the campground said I could do any landscaping I wanted. But then, when I went to use his hedge trimmer,...yup, it sparked & smoked & that was the end of the trimming! At least it is weeded & cleaned out. Now I just have to find some flowers to plant. I guess I never got rid of that little gardening streak in my blood. Must like the feel of the earth under my fingernails! Don't like the feel of the breaking back when I'm done though. Takes about 15 steps to stand up straight! Then you don't want to stop moving. If you do, you're doomed! Maybe by next week I'll have a solution to that too. I have an MRI on Friday & then to a pain clinic doctor in the coming weeks. It's been 7 years since I've seen one. My doctor in Erie, PA, quit his practice & now teaches. I hate starting with a new doctor, but I pray he will be as good as the one I previously had.

After leaving church on Sunday morning, we stopped in front of our former home on State Street & snapped this picture of the wisteria. You don't know how many years I waited for the right side of that to bloom! It was in there for 7 years & never a blossom. I finally planted one on the other side & Bingo, cross pollination & it blossomed about 8 blossoms before we sold our home last year. This year it was absolutely loaded with blossoms. One side is more lavender, the other is a little more pinkish. Still beautiful. The blossoms showed up a lot better before the leaves started coming out, but it's still full. You can see the daffodil leaves up the sidewalk. Flowers are gone, but I heard from some of the neighbors, they really enjoyed them. Hope the new owners did too!

Former Bullock Home in North Warren, PA

Took a walk in the creek tonight (not the water though, still pretty cold). Brought back childhood memories of playing in the creek as a kid. I even found a neat robin egg blue shaped rock to bring back & put where I pulled the weeds.

Well, I suppose I'd better end this rambling for tonight. Until later.....The Traveling Cardinal's